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Jun 9, 2015:
Show: 2015-06-13 - 80's BIG HAIR NIGHT @ GEORGE'S!! @ George's Majestic Lounge -
Jun 9, 2015:
DATE CORRECTION! - Show: SATURDAY June 13 - 80's BIG HAIR NIGHT @ GEORGE'S!! @ George's Majestic Lounge -
Jun 9, 2015:
80's BIG HAIR NIGHT @ GEORGE'S!! @ George's Majestic Lounge - SATURDAY 2015-06-09 #eandtheboys
Feb 14, 2015:
Date CORRECTION Show: 03-14-15 - Gino's Of Benton Arkansas Proudly Presents "E & The Boys" @ Gino's Sports Grill SATURDAY MARCH 14 @ 9:00
Feb 14, 2015:
Show: 2015-02-14 - Gino's Of Benton Arkansas Proudly Presents "E & The Boys" @ Gino's Sports Grill SATURDAY MARCH 14 @ 9:00

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E & The Boys ROCK George's!


Fayetteville AR;


E & The Boys have already kicked off the new year and rocked George's Majestic Lounge like never before.

After a fantastic start to 2015 at the "Class Event Center" in Farmington Arkansas, E & The Boys immediately turned their attention to "A NIGHT OF BIG HAIR" at "George's".

Robert Mann, lead guitarist and manager for the group said "We were asked by Hot Lix (the headliner of the evening) to play the lounge at George's back in December I think it was. Anyway, we our two bands are a great match. They are all about 80's Hair Metal like Poison, Warrent and Whitesnake and we're more top 40 hits from the same decade.' 'It was cool. There were guys all decked out wigs & all. Then you had the0 women wearing their best 80's stuff. From leg warmers to off the shoulder oversized tees & mini skirts. It was sooooooo cool!"

E and the boys started at 8:30 and played till Hot Lix began somewhere around 9:45. Then E & The Boys hit the stage again at 11:35 and partied till around 1:00 AM.

"When Hot Lix finished, at one point, I'm playing and look up and there is the lead singer and some of the guys from Hot Lix partying in our room! It was AWESOME." said Robert.

Elizabeth Mann, lead singer for E & The boys (And the "E" in E & The Boys) added, "We saw quite a few folks that we usually see at our shows, but the place was PACKED. So I'm positive this was the first time for a lot of people to see us play. They picked a good night to come out. All I know is, we had a blast & the crowd seemed to as well. The room was still crowded when we finished."

E is right. The crowd did stay till the end and seemed to want more, but laws being what they are in Fayetteville, the party had to come to an end.

Hot Lix "KILLED." Robert said "These guys know how to put on a show. I mean, if you weren't paying attention, you would think you were back in 1987. I am REALLY grateful to those guys for having us. It seems we have more fun when we play a show with them than we probably should".

E & The Boys are currently working on more new songs for upcoming shows. Right now the schedule has them playing Shirley's in Springdale Saturday February 21. That show starts at 9:00.

Till next time.....



A Shot of the Crowd at George's Partying with E & The Boys



Hot Lix Rocking out!


E & The Boys to Play George's Majestic on 1/10/15

E & The Boys to Play

Georges Majestic




Fayetteville, AR - Announced today, E & The Boys will be playing the front room (AKA The Lounge) at George's Majestic as the Special Guest of "Hot Lix".

"Hot Lix" is an 80's Hair Metal Tribute Band. Playing 80's nig hair hits from bands like Poison, Whitesnake, and Motley Crue to name a few.

"E & The Boys" Manager & Lead Guitarist Robert Mann said, "I was contacted about this show last week. When it became official we were like YEA! We were estatic! We played the front room for them last year and had a blast! That was a last minute deal, this one we have more time to promote it.

When asked about "Hot Lix" Robert said "I really like them a lot. They are very nice guys and put on one hell of a show. To me this is a natural fit. They are straight on Hair Metal, while we're more say.... Pop for lack of a better word. They're all about Ratt, Poison & stuff and we're more Journey, Pat Benatar & Huey Lewis. Don't misunderstand me. We play some hair metal too. It's just not our core thing. E does a wonderful job on the women of the 80's & most all of the guys. You know, they all sang in really high ranges which makes it nice for us. E can hit those notes."

"E & The Boys" are scheduled to hit the stage around 8:30. "Hot Lix" will start tearing up the main stage between 9:45 & 10:00. They play for an hour & fourty five minutes then it's back to the front for "E & The Boys" till 1.

The show is an 18 & up show and the cover is $10.00.

Georges Majestic Lounge openned in 1927 and has set the standard for Live Entertainment in the Northwest Arkansas region ever since.


E & The Boys to Headline New Years Eve Event


Class Event Center in Farmington

to host New Years Eve Party

Featuring E & The Boys


Farmington, AR


The "Class Event Center" along with "E & The Boys Ultimate Party Band" and "Cherokee Entertainment" announcing today a New Years Eve Party to be held in Farmington.

 Robert Mann, Manager of E & The Boys said "I think this is the first time anyone has done this outside of the bigger towns of Fayetteville and Springdale. It's not fun to go from Lincoln, Prarie Grove and Farmington to one of the other towns for a big New Years Eve Party, then drive back home. We want a party that's close to home. So folks don't have to travel as far."

The party will start at 8:00 when the doors open and continue till 1:00 AM.

Included in the nights events will be:

Live Music from E & The Boys Ultimate Party Band. Cherokee Entertainments' DJ Greg will be playing a VERY WIDE RANGE of dance music. Also a balloon drop at midnight with prizes inside some of the balloons.

 The "Class Event Center" is also working to find a taxi service to be available for people that need a ride home.

"It is a BYOB event" Robert said "so some folks may need a ride home. After meeting with the owner of the event center, Armando Romero, I am confident this will be a secure and safe environment for everyone."

The event is open to all 18 & up. There will also be a food buffett with various items to snack on as well as soft drinks. BYOB for anyone 21 & over.

Here is a brief BALLPARK rundown of the nights events:

(exact timing of band sets subject to change)

8:00 Doors open with DJ Greg playing dance music. DJ Greg will also play dance music between the band sets

9:00 - 9:45 E & The Boys Ultimate Party Band plays it's first set

9:00 - Food Buffet Opens

10:00 - 10:45 E & The Boys second set

11:00 - 11:45 E & The Boys third set

11:00 - Food Buffet Closes

COUNTDOWN TO MIDNIGHT with a Balloon Drop at the stroke of 12:00. Sing Auld Lang Syne ending with a toast to the new year - Then E & The Boys fourth set till 1:00.

**Tickets & Pricing:

**ADVANCE PRICING - *RESERVED Table for 8 is $100.00 - *RESERVED Table for 4 is $55.00 (advance reserved tables include complementary Champagne at midnight & party favors) Individual Tickets $10.00

**DAY OF EVENT - Individual Tickets $15.00 (Tables are subject to availability)

**For more information, buy a ticket or to reserve your table call (479) 236-1007.



*Limited Quantity of Reserved Tables available


Shirleys Bar Springdale Presents - E & The Boys


Shirley's Bar

Springdale Arkansas



December 27

9:00 - 1:00

E & The Boys announceing today that on December 27 they will be playing Shirley's Bar in Springdale.

E & The Boys have had a lot of success at Shirley's. Rober Mann, Lead guitar & band manager, said "We've played there quite a bit over the summer and had a BLAST! We love this place. The people are fun and the staff there is AWESOME! We are very happy & are very much looking forward to playing there again."

Showtime is 9:00 & the band will play till 1:00AM. There is a $5.00 cover & this is a 21 & up club.

E & The Boys to Play Morano's for Bikes Blues & BBQ

E & The Boys to Play

Morano's & Siloam Springs

for Bikes Blues & BBQ

Fayetteville, AR

"E & The Boys" calander is filling up FAST. Mananager & guitarist Robert Mann tells us "We really wanted to play BB&BBQ this year & Morano's is the place. Morano's has a FANTASTIC stage. We are stoked. We start early enough we feel folks can come see our show then still make the other parties, OR just hang with us all night!"

Thursday, September 25 is the date. 7:00 is the time. Robert added, "Morano's is right next to the Manufacture's area at Baum stadium. PERFECT location. That's why the decission was made to start at 7. This was folks can come in, eat, have a beer or other drink & have a good time! AND it doesn't get in the way of their Friday & Saturday nights on Dickson!" PERFECT!

Then, the following Saturday, E & The Boys head over to Siloam Springs to play the 59 Biker Run for Diabetes. The band is set to play at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Another show is also scheduled for the third of October. But you'll need to stay tuned for more info on that one!

Till then...



E & The Boys Name Matt Mann as New Drummer

E & The Boys Name

Matt Mann As New Drummer

Wednesday August 13 2014

Fayetteville Ar


Today E & The Boys have named Matthew (Matt) Mann to replace long time drummer Rick Jackman. Robert Mann tell us "Rick was forced to make a decission. His job was very demanding and he simply needed more time at home. We all love Rick and E & The Boys will ALWAYS have a place for him. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see him playing with us on a few tunes in the future.  We absolutely support any decission Rick made. He's part of our extended family. He's one of us."

When Rick told the band of his decission E & The Boys launched a search for the best fit. Matt Mann was always around and has been the fill in drummer since the band started back in 2011. After looking for over a month, it became obvious. Matt Mann was the best choice.

Matthew Mann is the son of Robert & Elizabeth (E) Mann. Matt will be a Freshman at the University of Arkansas Fall 2014 and list Jimmy Sullivan (Avenged Sevenfold) Neil Peart (Rush) Mike Portnoy & Cobus as his biggest influences.

 "It was a DUHHH moment for us."  said Robert Mann.  Matt already knows the tunes, he knows the stops & starts. He was there ALL THE TIME and HES A PHENOMINAL musician.""He's just a natural drummer & after the dust settled, we all looked at each other & went 'why are we looking? Matt is here & he's better than anyone we've tried'.


Matt plays Saxiphone (Bari & Alto), he has receintly picked up the Guitar & the Bass.


"We actually were having practice sometime back... I'm thinking it was in 2011. Our then drummer didn't make it to practice so we were trying to use a drum machine. That wasn't working. Matt kept saying 'Dad... Let me play' & I just blew him off. Finally E said, 'Just let him try.' So I did. We played "THe Middle" by "Jimmie Eat World". HE FREAKING NAILED IT. " Better than the drummer we had in the band. So I said lets play "My Own Worst Enemy" which is by LIT. HE FREAKING NAILED THAT ONE TOO! So the next day I bought him a drum kit & he's been sitting in with us every since." Robert added.

You may actually have seen Matt playing with E & The Boys. His first show was at Jose's on Dickson Street shortly after his 16th birthday. Since then, he has filled in many times places like Morano's, Shirley's, Legend's...

You can catch Matt Mann with E & The Boys Saturday August 30'th at Morano's on South Razorback Road in Fayetteville.


E and The Boys Set Show for July 4th With Special Appearance by Pat Marchino

E and The Boys Set Show for July 4th With Special Appearance by

Drummer Pat Marchino

(Formerly of Ted Nugent and

The Pat Travers Band)

Fayetteville, AR

June 18, 2014

Announced today that E & The Boys have booked a last minute gig at Marano's (formerly Billy's Bar & Grill) for July the 4th.

Robert Mann, lead guitarist & manager of E & THe Boys said "We're so psyched! I started following Pat when he was with Pat Travers back in the early to mid 80's. He's one of my all time favorite drummers. I put him up there with the best. We became friends on Facebook and that's where this started."

This is how it started. Pat sent Robert a message on Facebook saying he was coming through town & if E & The Boys were playing he wanted to sit in. Robert said they didn't have a show scheduled but if Pat was serious, he'd make it happen. Robert then contacted the owner of a few clubs & bars and Morano's was the first to respond.

"We've played there a couple of times" said Robert. "It's one of the nicer stages in Northwest Arkansas. I love that place. Food is great, staff is fantastic & the owner, Adam, is just about the nicest person you'd ever meet. We love that place. PLUS, it's not everyday you get to play with someone you've admired for some 20 plus years. It's too cool.... no it 3 COOL!" Robert said laughing.

Robert added, "we're adding a special song for this show. A song by "Riggs" called "Ready Or Not". Jerry Riggs was playing with Pat Travers when I first met Pat Marchino. One of the songs they played was Ready Or Not. One of my favorite songs in Pat's set list. I've been wanting to play that song since 1984 or so. And NOW it looks like I'm gonna get to play it with THE MAN PAT MARCHINO ON DRUMS! HOLY CRAP THIS IS COOL!"

E & The Boys hit the stage at 9:00. The set Marchino will be playing in has yet to be determined.

Get there early, it might be a full house!

E and The Boys Ready For Friday's Show and Booking MORE!

E & The Boys

Ready Friday's Show

and Booking Even More!

Fayetteville, Arkansas

June 18, 2014


E & The Boys have been busy busy busy! This Friday the band will be at Shirley's Bar in Springdale for their first appearance in Springdale in 11 months.

"We played Jose's in Springdale last July. In fact, two shows last July. Getting back to Springdale is gonna be cool!" said Robert Mann. Lead guitarist & manager of the group.

In fact, it was the Fourth of July Bike night and the following weeks Saturday that E & The Boys were in Springdale.

"Springdale isn't like Fayetteville's Dickson Street. It's a WHOLE different crowd. More adults and less college kids. It's folks that actually lived the 80's and can relate on a more personal level. So that's ALWAYS cool" Robert went on to say.

E & The boys also have a few more dates confirmed as well. Two more dates at Shirley's, and one in Eureka. ALSO, rumor has it that there may be a July 4th show with a special guest musician.


This Saturday Night at Ryleigh's On Dickson Street

E & The Boys

This Saturday Night

Ryleigh's On Dickson Street

This Saturday, 5/24/14 catch E & The Boys at Ryleighs on Dickson Street.

Party starts at 10:00

21 & Up


Congratulations Matt Mann as he graduates High School


Congratulations Matt Mann

as he graduates High School

E & The Boys are proud to send out congratulations to fill in drummer Matt Mann. Tonight, May 15 2014, Matthew Robert Mann will graduate from Farmington High School.

Matthew is the son of E & The Boys lead singer Elizabeth Mann & guitarist Robert Mann.  "Matthew is a natural" said Robert. "One night back when the band was just starting out, the drummer we had didn't show up. So he just sat down behind the drums, asked for a chance to play & freaking nailed it. The next day we bought him a drum set & he was off and running."

When the drummer for E & The Boys isn't available to play, Matthew sits in. His first gig playing was Jose's on Dickson Street in 2012 at the age of 15.

 "He knows the songs and he's actually pretty good" said Elizabeth. "I am so proud of him."

Next for Matthew is College. Matt will be a Freshman at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville this fall. Matt has said he is interested in a degree in Computer Graphic Design with an interest in Business.